Adventure Travel has become very popular in recent years with expedition cruises being a perfect way to have experiences and access to places and people in far away locations that are truly off the beaten path.  In the past, an adventure traveler would need to be someone who could overlook modest accommodations, comfort and amenities for the sake of the experience.  Only the hardiest of characters could really enjoy such adventures.  Times of changed.

Today, there is a new class of expedition cruises.   Travelers can realize their dreams of visiting far-flung destinations, experiencing incredible adventures and still end the day with a gourmet meal, fine wine and a comfy bed.  These are not traditional cruises.  Expedition cruises are for the travelers who want more from their experience than can be delivered on-board or on the occasional bus excursion.  These travelers can spend the day snorkeling with sea turtles in the Galapagos, photographing penguins in Antarctica or exploring glaciers in Iceland.  Luxury travelers today can have experiences and access to places and people they wouldn't be able to secure or even know about on their own without sacrificing the level of comfort and amenity they want while on vacation.

There are two cruise lines who are at the forefront of luxury expedition cruises.  Silversea Expeditions has three small adventure ships, each carrying around 100 passengers to explore the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica and Southeast Asia, including Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia and the Russian Far East.  Their cruises appeal to adventure seekers, nature lovers and well-educated professionals interested in conservation and wildlife.  Silversea Expeditions also attracts families with kids ages 6 and older.  

French line Compagnie du Ponant offers a wide variety of expedition cruises, including the Northwest Passage from Greenland to Siberia.  While the expedition itself is always the top priority for its guests, true wonders of nature are experienced in exceptional five-star conditions of comfort, attentive service and chic elegance.  

In years past, taking a luxury cruise meant champagne and caviar while donning your tuxedo or floor length gown.  The destination was not really an important factor.  Today's luxury traveler still wants to be pampered but only after seeing incredible wildlife, authentic and historical locales and breathtaking vistas.

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Julie Jones