Atlantis - Dolphin Cay

We are having a great time!  The older boys loved swimming with the dolphins yesterday.   At the same time, I took Teddy to Sea Squirts where he fed baby sharks and stingrays.  Although neither Teddy nor I was thrilled with grabbing raw fish and squid to throw at the sharks, it was a lot of fun.  I can't post pictures until I get home but have a lot of cute pics to share. Will and Henry have had a lot of fun at Crush.  It is a nightclub for kids.  They won't even let me inside to check it out -kids only.  

Obama's girls stayed a few floors below us earlier this week.  I thought we might run into them on the elevator, but, apparently, they had an elevator dedicated for their use only. They checked out at 4:00 am, and Paris Hilton checked in later that afternoon.  It's not quite like running into someone like Paul McCartney but still fun.  The boys, thankfully, don't even know who she is.  

The beach by The Reef and Cove is beautiful!  I'm hoping to spend my day there today.  I would be happy not to return to Aquaventure, but the boys love it.  Maybe Billy can take them while I enjoy a Piña Colada on the beach.

Julie JonesAtlantis