Photos from our trip to Atlantis


Well, I am still exhausted from our trip to Atlantis.  Everyone had a great time, although, Billy says "one and done" - he had fun but once is enough.  

Billy and I both loved the beautiful beach that was private to the guests staying at The Reef and The Cove.  Our pool also had great music every afternoon that had to be enjoyed with the great pool drinks.  I think I am going to miss the view from our room the most.  It is spectacular!  Being on the 22nd floor was really a treat.


Will and Henry both claim Dolphin Cay was their favorite part of the trip.  They also loved the waterpark though.  Of course, I thought it was loud, crowded and exhausting.  Knowing I could escape to the glorious Reef pool at any moment made it so much more enjoyable.  Teddy had a blast anytime he was in a pool.  He was a little frightened of the ocean, but I think it is the age.  Now my thoughts turn to...where should we go this summer?

Chillin' on the flight to Nassau.

Chillin' on the flight to Nassau.

Highlight of the trip!

Highlight of the trip!

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