It has taken two weeks to recover from my week in Vegas!  It was not only a ton of fun, but I met with so many hotel, cruise and concierge suppliers that can't wait to show my clients the red carpet.

I spent an entire day meeting with suppliers who specialize in adventure vacations.  I know who to personally call whether a client wants to travel to the Arctic, Antartica, Peru, Argentina, Africa, India, any country in Aisa, Mongolia (which looks like an amazing trip) and just about anywhere else my adventurous clients can dream of going. 

I was also very impressed with a group that specializes in sporting events.  If you want to be in the best seats and best parties at the Kentucky Derby, they can arrange it.  VIP treatment at the problem.  They can also get you tickets to the Oscars, get you on the red carpet with the stars and entry into Elton John's famous after-party!

The other days were filled with speed dating with over 400 suppliers from around the World!  We would meet for 4 minutes to discuss their services or hotel, a bell would ring and another supplier would meet with me.  It was so interesting to meet so many new people and to see old friends whom I have worked with in the past for clients.

All this time and effort will greatly benefit my clients when we are planning their next adventure.  Although, I will need a year to recover, I can't wait for next year's Travel Week! 

Call me at 314-608-4553 or email, so I can help plan your next adventure! 


What a party! 

Julie Jones