Our Casita

Our Casita

Our family recently visited Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colorado, and I must say it is a truly special resort in a truly spectacular location.  It is located about 5 hours from the Denver airport (beautiful drive), but it also has its own airstrip for those flying private.  Gateway is located on the Western side of the Rocky Mountains, very close to the Utah border at the convergence of four separate canyons.  From a high vantage point, it looks like you are in the Grand Canyon.  The resort is an oasis of green surrounded by red rocks.

The resort was built by John Hendricks, the founder of the Discovery Channel.  Since Mr. Hendricks is not in the hotel business, this resort does not feel like a hotel.  It feels more like a very, very luxurious adult/family camp.  There are about 50 rooms and over ten casitas.  We stayed in a two bedroom casita with a fire pit, whirlpool, outdoor shower, dining room and two living rooms.  It is perfect for an extended family vacation.  Every room has a fireplace.  We sat around the fire each evening listening to the bullfrogs in the pond and staring at the stars.

The pool area is beautiful with two pools, two hot tubs and a bar, all surrounded by beautiful rocks and landscaping.  The weather was wonderful and there was always a cool breeze.  However, I do believe we lucked out with the weather.  It can get incredibly hot in the summer.

We had a group with just about every age group represented, and discovered there is something for everyone at Gateway Canyons Resort.  You can do nothing but relax, or you can wear yourself out with activities.  A stroll through the resort is always breathtakingly beautiful.  Mr. Hendricks has an auto museum with $60 Million worth of his own cars on property.  We spent two hours looking at the coolest cars I have ever seen.  The kids loved having complimentary bikes to use throughout the property.  The whole family enjoyed reserving the theatre for our own private use to watch, what else, Discovery Channel videos.  There is a spa, but it seemed empty our whole time there.  You can get a massage anywhere, right?

The highlight of Gateway Canyons has to be the Activity Center and the Driven Experience.  The Activity Center has wonderful guides, (Nick was our guide) who took us rappelling, yes rappelling, hiking in the canyons and on UTVs to the very top of the peaks to view the canyons from a whole different perspective.  They also offer rock climbing, clay shooting, archery, helicopter rides, Jeep tours of the canyons, mountain biking, fly fishing...I’m sure I’m forgetting all the options.

The Driven Experience must be every man’s nirvana.  They have sports cars, very expensive sports cars, that you can rent to drive through the canyons.  They also have Pro Baja trucks where an instructor will take you on their private off-road race track for a thrill ride.  We were so bummed not to have enough time to rent a sports car.

We also went on a trail ride with wonderful horses and a guide at the Gateway Canyons Stables.  Our youngest son had the time of his life on a pony.  He is still talking about Brian the Cowboy who helped him with the pony.  The Stables are beautiful and the scenery is, of course, breathtaking.

Gateway Canyons is a wonderful family resort, because there is something for everyone.  Everyone knew our name and was eager to please.  The kids loved taking off on the bikes by themselves, and we loved just relaxing around the fire after a full day of amazing activities.  Contact me to learn more about this truly unique resort! 

Julie Jones