Family Vacations: Where to take your kids ages 0-6.

Teddy in Maui

Teddy in Maui

Where should I take my kids on vacation?  I get that question quite often, and my first response is to ask “How old are your kids?”  Finding a destination where the parents and the children have fun can be difficult.  In the end, I think we all agree that if the kids are happy, we are happy.  

My first article on this topic focuses on babies through kids under age 6.  

1.  It is most relaxing and enjoyable for parents to take these children to a beach.  Children under 4 years old are most likely not permitted in kids camps, so parents should hire a nanny in the afternoons during nap time and adult dinner time.  At 4 years old, kids enjoy the camps while parents relax.  

2.  Another great option for kids 6 and younger are cruises.  Cruises work great, because they provide constant entertainment for kids of all ages, even babies.  The absolute very best cruise line for families where the kids AND the parents have fun is Disney Cruise Line.  They are experts at making it fun for everyone.  I don’t recommend them when grandparents are also traveling, because they can’t stomach the Disney part as easily as young moms and dads. 

3.  Airlines do not charge for children under age 2 that sit in your lap during the flight.  For that reason, I recommend a young family with their first child take a trip to Europe.  How many people will be able to claim that they saw the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel before the age of two?  While their attention span is short, you just need to make sure your days are planned with lots of time for breaks and diversions for young children.

4.  A cruise is another way to start your children’s adventures around the World.  This summer, Disney Cruise Line is traveling for the first time to the Norwegian fjords and Iceland.  Your family can discover the majestic fjords, steaming geysers and scenic mountain ranges of Norway, while hiking, glacier walking, fishing and cycling.  Your young princesses will be thrilled to be in Elsa’s homeland.  Of course, this cruise is filled with references to the movie Frozen.  Your cruise also stops at Iceland so you can discover its natural wonders.  These cruises are a fabulous way to see the World with your young children!!

Disney also sails the Baltic Seas with itineraries that begin in Copenhagen, Denmark, with stops in cities in Russia, Sweden, Norway and Finland.  Your young children can enjoy the culture and magic of these countries to the extent their short attention span allows and then return to the constant stream of entertainment provided by the Disney cast members.  Everyone ends each day happy.

Disney is a world-class operation that knows better than anyone how to cater to young kids and their families.  There are parties, musicals, classes, movies, games, water parks and animation lessons.  There are great kids and teen programs.  Disney’s staterooms are the most family friendly of any cruise line.  Babies as young as 6 months old are welcome.  Of course, Disney has babysitters waiting to watch your little one while you enjoy the spa or a quiet adults-only meal.  When grandparents are traveling with you, Crystal Cruises is a great option.  


Julie Jones