Instilling the love of travel in your children

What is the easiest way to instill the love of travel in your children?  Take them to as many different destinations as time and money will allow.  It’s that easy.  I can’t imagine a child who isn’t filled with awe and wonderment when experiencing new places and cultures.  

I recently read an article about how to see the 7 continents in 7 decades.  It starts as a child.  Take your children to one of our country’s national parks.  A few years later, take them either to Europe for a cultural experience or to (my personal favorite) South America to experience incredible experiences with nature either hiking in Peru or Chile or learning about evolution and Darwin’s theories in the Galapagos.

As adults, your children will always be planning their next adventure, guaranteed.  Hopefully, those plans include a tour of India, or, better yet, an Indian safari.  A visit to Morocco should be on everyone’s list.  It is a short flight from anywhere in Europe and is really a great way to cap off a trip to Europe.  When they are older and have more time on their hands, surely they will be planning an extended tour of Australia and a visit to the majestic white continent of Antartica with fantastically shaped icebergs, turquoise glaciers and bustling penguins.

This summer, my family has too many family obligations and won’t be able to take a summer trip.  Since we can’t all travel, I’m not letting it stop my 15 year old son from exploring new territory.  Will is taking a tour of Barcelona, Rome, Tuscany and Paris with Travel for Teens.  This tour company for high school students has been around for many years and has been highly recommended to me by quite a few friends.  I can’t personally speak for them yet but will be sure to share my son’s experience when he returns.  

Travel for Teens has programs just about everywhere.  Your son or daughter can travel to six out of seven continents for culture and outdoor adventures.  I’m guessing not too many parents would ship their kids to Antartica.  Their programs can also include community service, photography and language immersion programs.  They really offer something for everyone.

Personally, I am so happy my son is developing a love for travel.  This summer will surely strengthen his resolve to see as much of the world as possible in his lifetime.

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