It was really sad saying good-bye to Florence so soon, but we were really looking forward to Venice!  We woke early to catch our train.  I can’t say what the countryside looked like from the train, because I slept the entire trip.  It was great to wake up refreshed ready to enjoy Venice.

We stayed at Hotel Londra Palace which has an enviable location right on the Grand Canal.  We enjoyed a beautiful view of the Grand Canal from our room, and our rooms felt very regal and large.  We were able to enjoy lunch at dinner at Hotel Londra.  Both meals were delicious!!  It was so great experiencing the meals from different regions in Italy with the variety of cooking methods and specialties.  Although I do believe Teddy ordered spaghetti with red sauce for every single meal.

We only had one day to experience Venice.  We opted for a more unique tour by renting our own private boat and driver to take us to the three islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.  Murano is where you can watch the art of glass blowing.  It is a nice island with a quaint canal of shops.  Burano is a nearby island where the artisans specialize in lace.  We enjoyed this island a bit more with its colorful buildings and gorgeous view of the Venice skyline.  We sat on a sea wall with our gelato and took in the beauty.  Torcello was my favorite island.  It is really small and quaint.  We just had a wonderful time walking along the canals and climbing the bell tower where we had a superb view of the entire region.  

A highlight of our trip was the night-time gondola ride. Unlike the experience of visitors in the summer, we were in the only gondola on the waterways!  It was a really magical way to conclude our trip in Italy.  

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