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Mii amo - The Best Destination Spa

This past December, during the increasingly stressful holiday season, I decided I needed a break - now!  Within 4 days, my bags were packed, and I was on a 5 am flight to Phoenix.  I rented a car from Enterprise and hit the road for Sedona. 


I had decided to stay at a destination spa called Mii amo, which I am told is Native American dialect for "one's path, or journey."  I had quite a journey.  For 2013, Conde Nast's Travel & Leisure magazine rated Mii amo as the #1 spa in North America.   

The drive took about 2 hours but was so beautiful.  I had never been outside Scottsdale before this trip and now realize how much I was missing.  It is a beautiful drive.  

Mii amo is in Boynton Canyon.  While many destination spas have an Asian or fitness theme, Mii amo is located on Native American sacred ground and is very spiritual.  It is a "luxury spa experience where guests can find balance and harmony through our signature and traditional wellness therapies."  It was just what I needed.  There are only 16 casitas and more employees than guests.  


When I arrived, I was greeted at my car and taken directly to my room.  I was told to focus on my needs and that they are there to meet my needs.  I put on my new Mii amo robe and slippers and headed straight for my first treatment.  Mii amo is all-inclusive and includes six spa treatments during your stay.  Before I arrived, the spa planned my "3-day Journey" with the body (spa), mind and spiritual treatments of my choice.  In addition to the typical spa treatments, Mii amo has such offerings as a Thai massage (I highly recommend), Dosha Balancing Wrap, Cranial Sacral, Meditation, wine tastings and Abhyanga Shirodhara (two therapists giving you a massage in sync).  I pretty much stuck to the basics, but every treatment was fabulous!  In addition to the six treatments included in your package, you can take as many fitness classes, escorted hikes in the red rocks and other "daily activities" as you can handle.  

Each day starts with  Intentions for the Day in the Crystal Grotto.  One morning I hiked with the most interesting group.  Every person had been to Mii amo multiple times.  One woman was on her 16th trip!  She goes twice a year, every year since she turned 40.  After the hike, it was so wonderful to slip back into my robe, have some lunch, steam and another treatment.  When not in treatments, I usually sat by the enormous fire next to the indoor pool catching up on my magazines or taking a nap. 


The food is incredible.  Everyday, there are completely different menus.  The spa rotates these menus on a weekly basis, so you are never offered the same food twice.  Everything I ate was wonderful.  You don't go to Mii amo to lose weight.  They don't advertise their food, but they should.  It is divine. 


Each evening, when I returned to my room, I found the lights  dimmed, the bed turned down, spa music on, fire lit and a present on my bed!  Each night they put a present on each guest's bed.  I received a journal, a Mii amo logo carry-on bag and bundled sage to burn.  With each return visit, the gifts become more elaborate and expensive.  On my visit, someone found a full size suitcase on her bed!

On my third morning, I had one last treatment before hitting the road for Phoenix.  It was such a wonderful trip, and I was able to enjoy Christmas in such a relaxed state.  Although skipping town right before Christmas might not be in the cards again, I will definitely be back to Mii amo.  Maybe in the Fall.  I hear it is one of the best times to visit.