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Photos from our trip to Atlantis

Well, I am still exhausted from our trip to Atlantis.  Everyone had a great time, although, Billy says "one and done" - he had fun but once is enough.  

Billy and I both loved the beautiful beach that was private to the guests staying at The Reef and The Cove.  Our pool also had great music every afternoon that had to be enjoyed with the great pool drinks.  I think I am going to miss the view from our room the most.  It is spectacular!  Being on the 22nd floor was really a treat.


Will and Henry both claim Dolphin Cay was their favorite part of the trip.  They also loved the waterpark though.  Of course, I thought it was loud, crowded and exhausting.  Knowing I could escape to the glorious Reef pool at any moment made it so much more enjoyable.  Teddy had a blast anytime he was in a pool.  He was a little frightened of the ocean, but I think it is the age.  Now my thoughts turn to...where should we go this summer?

Chillin' on the flight to Nassau.

Chillin' on the flight to Nassau.

Highlight of the trip!

Highlight of the trip!

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Atlantis - Dolphin Cay

We are having a great time!  The older boys loved swimming with the dolphins yesterday.   At the same time, I took Teddy to Sea Squirts where he fed baby sharks and stingrays.  Although neither Teddy nor I was thrilled with grabbing raw fish and squid to throw at the sharks, it was a lot of fun.  I can't post pictures until I get home but have a lot of cute pics to share. Will and Henry have had a lot of fun at Crush.  It is a nightclub for kids.  They won't even let me inside to check it out -kids only.  

Obama's girls stayed a few floors below us earlier this week.  I thought we might run into them on the elevator, but, apparently, they had an elevator dedicated for their use only. They checked out at 4:00 am, and Paris Hilton checked in later that afternoon.  It's not quite like running into someone like Paul McCartney but still fun.  The boys, thankfully, don't even know who she is.  

The beach by The Reef and Cove is beautiful!  I'm hoping to spend my day there today.  I would be happy not to return to Aquaventure, but the boys love it.  Maybe Billy can take them while I enjoy a Piña Colada on the beach.

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Atlantis-Day 1

Well, I can't believe we made it here.  A huge snow storm hit St. Louis.  It started at 7 am and caused all the schools to close and grounded the planes.  Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6 am.  It was freezing rain, and I was very nervous about our flight being canceled.  I couldn't relax until we got out on the runway.  Then, the pilot informed us we needed to head back to the gate for mechanical issues.   Of all the luck!  Thankfully, we did actually get into the air right at 7.  We caught our connection in Miami and landed in Nassau at Noon.  

We booked our flight about a month ago.  Most flights were sold out, and coach seats were costing about $1150.  Next time you are in a similar situation, check first class.  First class was available on the flights we wanted and cost $775!  that is almost $400 cheaper than coach.  Never assume first class won't work for you.  

I have never been to Atlantis and was worried about the crowds and water park atmosphere.  My fears were justified. The water park is crazy crowded!  We were all exhausted by noon and went back to our room at The Reef-which brings me to my next bit of advice. If you take your family to Atlantis, stay at The Reef.  Don't even look at the other towers. We have a great pool that can't be accessed by the cruise ship crowds.  It has nicer chairs, better service and a great private beach.  You can escape Atlantis madness when you need to.  We have a full kitchen which is a great way to save money.  Our driver stopped at the grocery store on our way to The Reef, and we bought lots of bottled water and kid friendly food.  

The staff at The Reef has been so friendly.  Due to my relationship with Virtuoso, we were upgraded to a beautiful room on the top floor.  We have a gorgeous view of the ocean.  We are off to take the kids to the kids adventure club, so we can relax a bit and check out some of the fun for adults.