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When I picture my family on vacation, I often envision us relaxing on the beach with warm trade winds, clear blue water, a few magazines and young children playing in the sand for hours.  When your kids are young, there is no better or easier way to entertain them to exhaustion while also getting must needed rest and relaxation for yourself.

However, there comes a day when the beach starts to sound "boring" or "there's nothing to do at the beach."  When you get over the shock of hearing such ridiculous, whiny complaints, you start to realize that your kids have finally reached an age where they can travel more independently and would be a lot of fun to take on an adventure family vacation with exciting experiences in other parts of the World.  It doesn't matter if you take them to a neighboring state or to the other side of the World.  In fact, parents often give their children a voice in where to go and what to do on vacation.  

In response, the travel industry has made great strides in catering to the whole family.  There are now many tour companies that have developed itineraries that make the interests of both the parents and the children a priority.

I think one of the stand-out tour companies for families is Adventures by Disney.  They really know how to make kids happy, thus, make their parents happy.  They have trips you can take with your family all over the World-places you would never have considered taking your children.  There are oftentimes separate tour guides for both the adults and the children.  While you are viewing the Mona Lisa, your kids may be on a scavenger hunt in another part of the Louvre.  I can't think of a better way for the whole family to visit the Louvre and leave with everyone saying they had a great time!  Now, I strongly believe there is a sweetspot age of children who will most enjoy an Adventures by Disney trip.  I also think it is best for a small family.  It creates a better environment for all the kids on the trip to get to know each other and make lasting friendships.

Another wonderful family vacation is a biking tour either in the United States or Europe.  Backroads is a wonderful family-centered company.  You can take a biking, hiking, walking or multi-sport tour just about anywhere in the World with Backroads.  It is a great way for families to bond and truly have a trip of a lifetime to always remember.

For the truly adventurous family, nothing will compare with a trip to the Galapagos Islands with National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions.  Your family will hike, kayak and zodiac cruise around the islands making new discoveries everyday.  Africa has also become increasingly popular with families.  Children used to be unwelcome at safari camps.  Increasingly, tours are being designed specifically with families in mind.  Micato Safaris is owned by a warm, friendly three generation family.  They often cater to families.  Unique to Micato, they pay for and send an African child to school for every safari booked with them.

There is so much of the World that your children would enjoy seeing while also learning and growing from the experience.  While the beach is wonderful, every now and then, try something new.  You will gain lifetime memories for your family.  Contact TopFlight Travels to explore these and many more options for truly unforgettable family vacations.